Sunday, November 22, 2009

From Anna: The teacher-less teacher

Your mention of Georg Feuerstein and "psycho-spiritual technology" reminds me of an amazing lecture with Robert Birnberg who calls yoga "psycho-chiro-respiratory re-parenting"... He believes that although a home practice is invaluable, self-education commendable, and self-love absolutely vital to our practice - every student needs a teacher and every teacher needs a teacher. Even if that teacher is someone you only see once every few years, they hold you accountable in a way you cannot hold yourself. Birnberg's article on the teacher-less teacher is interesting and worth the 7 minute read. (There are some bits that aren't applicable because he specializes in Yoga for Addiction and Compulsive behaviors and at times, you can tell that it's written from that perspective).

As for the spiel of your previous post, what an eloquent clobbering. Truly. Your viewpoints are clear, justified and passionately articulated. I have nothing to dispute, no bones to pick. Admittedly, I'm not quite as fired up about it as you are, but if you start a revolution, I'd be happy to join. I'll even bring snacks.

We won't be able to take down the corporate octopus with hungry tummies....

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