Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Liz: Prelude to a Resolution

Ayruveda has been a tough sell with me. I bought asana wholesale, and have been quick to fall in line with mediation and pranayama. Not so much with the ancient science. But as I've fought my way through various hormonal changes (pregnancy, post-pregnancy, adjusting to life without birth control pills) and life stresses (baby, home, househunting, etc....) it's resonating a lot more. I now believe that I am vata-kapha. And I'm that blend that leaves me at once lazy, and flighty. At least when I'm out of balance.

Another disclosure: I make very earnest New Year's resolutions. I fully intend to keep them. This year, I've got two so far.
1) Chew my food more thoroughly. This is an effort at consuming only what I need.
2) Make my asana practice a morning practice. I have made excuses thus far, and Terrible Toddler has been my scapegoat. I mean, how early can I possibly get up when I have to run after him all day? Well, I suppose as early as other ashtangis.

Saving my practice until the noon naptime has had its perks. I'm awake, more open, caffeinated. But I'm also dragging half of the day behind me at this point. I've cluttered my brain with the worries and wants of several hours of (semi) consciousness. And I've also been snacking and drinking coffee.

I look at other blogs and tales of advanced practice. Most of these practitioners rise at dawn to get to the mat. It's chicken-or-egg: does getting up early make you more disciplined, or are the people with the discipline to get up early simply more natural yogis?

I know this: I need structure, and I need change. I have skidded off into a rut, and need to shake off this inertia in order to move on. The kapha is dragging me back under into depression, and the vata is keeping me from focusing on the life-raft.

And speaking of depression. Your post inspired me to do some shopping. We'll see how this works out.

Also, remind me to tell you about my Dahn Yoga experience. And yes, I did take the class before reading this. Hahaha. It's a good thing I'm thick-headed enough to resist cult-indoctrination. Either that, or they just didn't want me badly enough.

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