Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Liz: Upside Down, Inside Out.

Couples yoga? No, the only way to get HH into a couple's yoga workshop would be drugged, bound and gagged. And it's hard to practice partner yoga when your partner is shackled.

I actually took an Anti-gravity yoga class. And yes, it is as FUN!!! (all caps and multiple exclamation points) as it looks. Not a traditional practice by any stretch of the imagination, but really opening, lengthening and somehow both restorative and invigorating at the same time. Kind of a cross between Pilates, trapeze arts, and yoga. Half of the class is upside down, so it's really playful and you feel really vibrant afterward.

And I had one of those surreal "omshantionelove" moments that I'm always chasing. The class was a 4 pm class, so by 5:30 the sun was starting to set. The studio is on the 17th floor, so you get a good view of Manhattan and the sky. We were winding down for savasana, gently swaying in those pale orange hammocks. Then the sunset hit that peak of total gorgeousness and the whole room filled with this crazy violet light. Total yogasm.

It was insanely beautiful. And any other day of the year, the sunset would be timed just a shade differently, wouldn't coincide with savasana in quite such an opportune way. It felt like a little nudge from the Universe. Like, "hey girl, this is for you."

I'm cutting this short since TT is up from his nap. But I've been wondering: any new personal practice discoveries on your end?

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